Hospital Bag Affordable Finds

I can’t believe next week I will be having another baby!  It was only 4 years ago I was packing a hospital bag for Easton, but it feels like so long ago and I can’t remember anything I packed or needed.  I knew I wanted to find some really comfortable, but cute pajama pants that could ideally fit while I was pregnant and afterwards.  I also knew I needed a nursing friendly bra and shirt, and anything else I could find to make me as comfortable as possible!

I found these pajama pants on Amazon and they had amazing reviews so I decided to go for it.  They are usually $15.99, but they do have “lightning sales” every so often and I think I got mine for $12.99.  Totally worth the $16 though!  They are sooo soft and have a drawstring waist so they fit me perfectly now under the big belly, and will still be perfect after baby.  I ordered a size medium and found them pretty true to size.  They’re also SUPER long so perfect for us tall ladies.  I ordered the black ones, but there are several color options and I am debating ordering the yellow for fall.


I also found a nursing bra on Amazon and love it!  They come in TONS of colors and you can get an even better deal than I did if you order a multi-pack, but I was nervous about the fit and quality so I only ordered one.  They are super comfortable, and the fit is true to size (I got a medium).


I found these cute, cozy socks at one of my favorite stores – Five Below!  I swear I could go in there with $100 cash and spend it in 5 minutes!  I have seen these all over though for much more money, and these are fleece lined and good quality.

This shirt from Old Navy is made of my favorite material they have – their “Luxe” line.  Usually I wear a small in Old Navy, but this is really fitted and I wasn’t going for a fitted look, so I actually sized up to a large in this and it’s perfectly flow-y on me!  Perfect pajama shirt, or under cardigan shirt, and breast feeding friendly.  Another reason I love fall fashion – pajamas can become casual wear! Regularly $19.99, but it’s 35% off today so $12.99.

Bare with me on these links/photos, I’m still trying to figure out the whole “blogging” thing and the best way to share things. Speaking of that, what is the best way for you to see links to products? Posting on the blog, a Facebook page, or Instagram posts? Open to any suggestions!

Also, any must have’s for the hospital bag?! I swear I don’t remember anything from my first delivery so spam me with any advice! 🙂


Fall Fashion Finds

Well, once again it’s been FOREVER since I’ve updated this blog!  I’ve been kind of trying to decide what I want to do with this, and how I want to use it.  After 9 months (really 10, it’s so cruel everyone says pregnancy is 9 months and it’s totally 10!) of dressing a baby bump and not being able to buy all the new clothes I want, I’ve realized how much I really do love shopping and finding deals and putting together cute, affordable outfits.  So I figured no better time than now to get started sharing again! Especially since fall fashion is probably my absolute favorite.

I’ve had some terrific cheap scores lately! Primarily at Target and on Amazon.  I always get weary ordering clothes on Amazon, so I am excited to share the links to things I’ve ordered and been happy with.

I also started an Instagram page specifically for this blog and fashion finds/sales, so please give me a follow if you’re interested. 🙂

I wore this outfit to the pumpkin patch today and I will admit I got a litttttle warm, but that’s why I love me some layers!  This whole outfit was Target and they have a 20% off sale going right now!

Booties – super comfy, go with everything, and 20% off right now! Regularly $34.99

Cardigan – The perfect “pumpkin spice” color, but they have several other colors available.  Regularly $22.99

Hat – Regularly $19.99, but also 20% off.  I’m OBSESSED with fall hats right now!  I’ve seen so many I love, but they’re all Nordstrom and like $50+ which I just can’t get myself to spend on a hat.  Especially when I’m constantly questioning if I’m pulling it off or looking like a scarecrow. 😂

I’m planning to do another post this week of my recent Amazon finds!  Follow me to get updates.  🤗


Charlottesville…so many thoughts. I don’t even know why I feel the need to put my thoughts online. I guess hoping someone else either 1.) feels the same way I do and can discuss or 2.) someone says something that really “clicks” to me and helps solidify my traveling thoughts that too often go in circles.
On one hand, I think “why is the media giving so much attention to these morons?!” I feel like there is such a tiny fraction of our nation that would want to side with these people, and maybe if we jut ignore them completely, they will quietly die down since they aren’t getting the attention they are seeking.
But then I think…can we afford to be silent? I have read so many books the last few years about the Holocaust, just TRYING to wrap my head around HOW these events actually happened and in the not so distant past. I still can’t understand how an entire nation of perfectly normal people decided it was OK to murder babies and children and families. But I think one thing that stands out to me in each book is that everyone thought “that can’t happen here” or “we are safe, it’s only a few people targeting a small group”. And we know the deadly results of that type of thinking.
Another thing that is making my mind go in circles is the people posting things like “if you voted for Trump, you are a racist horrible person”. 1.) That is completely hypocritical to be so judgemental of an entire group of people based on a voting decision they made based on many factors and 2.) That would mean approx 50% of our nation is racist, which I refuse to believe. I stand by the fact that almost all the people I know who voted for Trump did it out of desperation and lack of a viable option, not out of a sense of admiration for Trump and everything he does.
Part of me wants to bury my head in the sand, delete all social media, and pretend these things aren’t happening because it is SO hard for me to comprehend people that honestly want to wear Nazi symbols and want to hurt other people based on their skin color or religion. I will never be able to understand it. But a bigger part of me can’t look away, because what if that’s how it all started in the Holocaust? Was it regular people like me who have the privilege of deciding if I want to pay attention or not that let things happen the way they did? I want to talk about it. I want to help others. I want to make everyone understand that the division between Trump supporters and Trump haters does nothing to help anyone. I want to strive every day to talk to someone with different views than me and understand where they are coming from. I want to make it known that I think what happened in Charlottesville is absolutely disgusting and not acceptable and needs to be stopped.
That’s my thoughts for the day. Welcome to my brain 24/7.

Dress Obsessed

I haven’t updated my blog in months! I have been so crazy busy with a new job, trying to eat healthy/meal prep/get on a workout schedule, and also trying to get our house ready to sell. I am definitely feeling this meme lately.


One thing I haven’t been too busy for is shopping!! Of course I can always find time for that. I am so excited for Spring weather and wearing sundresses and maxi dresses every day. Dresses are seriously the best thing ever. Pants are so overrated – dresses feel like big comfy nightgowns I can get away with wearing to work.

I scored all 5 of these dresses for under $70. I love a good bargain! TJ Maxx has so many cute dresses right now – tons of floral prints (which my mom insists is there because no one would buy it, but I absolutely love all the flower prints), lace, and cold shoulders. I got this black floral maxi to wear to an upcoming wedding, but I think it will also be perfect for winery days. $19.99 (dressing room selfies for the win – anyone else do this anytime they try something on?!)


Did you know TJ Maxx sells everything online now too?! I had no idea until very recently. I still love the thrill of searching in store though and finding a good deal. I couldn’t find this one online, but I also love this off the shoulder dress that is similar for $16.99! dress

My other TJ Maxx find was actually from last fall, but I bought it for this summer. I got this for $13.00 and love it for pretty much any occasion. The first time I had it on to wear out though my husband was kind enough to point out you could see right through it (thanks hubs!). So definitely need to get a slip for this one.


This dress is super simple and perfect for summer for under $10.  Give me alllll the off the shoulder dresses.


I just bought this lacy off the shoulder dress last weekend from Forever 21. I always feel so weird going in there, especially now that I’m not even in my 20’s, but they have such great deals of simple pieces like tee shirts, their jewelry, and I love to buy dresses there that I know I will probably only wear once or twice. This is another dress for a wedding I am going to, but also would be great for a country concert. I got the last one in the store and actually had a lady ask me if I was for sure buying it because she wanted to take it from me. Haha. $22.90 (P.S. Shopping with a toddler is such a challenge! I brought lots of snacks as bribes to let me try things on ha)


They had so many cute off the shoulder dresses that are great for any upcoming summer vacations!

Old Navy has had some great sales going on the last few times I have been in. I got this simple black and white striped swing dress. I got it for our upcoming vacation, but I know this is one I will wear on repeat all summer – I can top it with a blazer for work or flip flops for a pool day.  I got it for $11.00 – Wait for a 40 or 50% off day in stores or online.

My last find I totally stumbled upon last week and I could not be more excited about it. The Goodwill by my work evidently gets ton of Target items that are BRAND NEW! Clothes, jewelry, rugs, curtains, etc. I got this adorable aqua (shocker, more aqua in my closet!) dress to wear for Easter this year. Price (drumroll please…) THREE DOLLARS. Holla. I will definitely be hitting this Goodwill up once or twice a month now. I have heard a lot of Goodwill’s that are near Target’s get these items, so check your local one.


So that is my recent round up of dresses.  Not included is the $5,000 worth of dresses I have in online carts that I want to buy.  Here are a couple of my favorites from some boutiques I love.      – $29     – $32     – $39

Oh!  And one last find – this exfoliator from TJ Maxx is UNBELIEVABLE.  I picked it up on a whim since it was only $5 and I used it Sunday night and oh my gosh, my skin felt baby soft.  I am planning to go back and stock up on any they have left.  It also smells amazing – coffee, coconut, and almonds.  It also supposedly helps with cellulite, but I didn’t really notice that.  Still 100% worth it.


Happy Shopping!  Where are your favorite places to find dresses?  Share away!

10 Items every girl needs in her closet for Country Concert season!

Summer has become synonymous with Country Concerts in the last few years and I am ready to get this season started!  My line up this year includes Tim and Faith, Eric Church, Jamey Johnson, and Luke Bryan so far.  Here are some finds to get you started on shopping for those summer nights.

1.) These adorable, affordable cowboy boots from Southern Fried Chic Boutique. Every girl needs a pair of real cowboy boots too, but these are just too cute to pass up for boot stomping and booty shaking to some Luke Bryan. Only $29.99, plus get 50% off with coupon code “SHOE50”


2.) This classy flask to throw in your bag and spruce up your drinks.


3.) Support all your main men with this cute and easy tank.


4.) Dainty Hooligan is one of my favorite sites for affordable, trendy tops.  Check out this white fringe crop top and off the shoulder flowered top.  Both under $30 and easy to style.

5.) A cheap, trendy cross-body bag. Keep your hands free for holding your $15 margarita and cell phone with this $9.99 purse.


6.) Support the original main men of country with this sweatshirt that is great to throw on for bonfires or the early season night concerts.   This site specializes in cute southern tees/sweatshirts.


Legends – Ladies, Wide Neck, Fleece Sweatshirt

7.) Perfect Daisy Dukes are an obvious must have.  Toss these on with any cute tops and you are ready to go!  American Eagle has a great selection from “can you see my cheeks in this” to a little more full coverage.


8.) Dress up your look a little with this lacy mint boho dress.  Perfect for date night out at a concert and dinner after!


9.) This sweet and sassy cooler tote is a must have for concerts in the lawn where you can bring your own drinks, food, and fun! Reese Witherspoon’s boutique in Nashville has the best selection of upscale country style.


10.) Of course, not all concert venues are open to BYOB, so be a little sneaky with these under the radar flasks for $5.00.


Cheap Finds this month

I have had so much luck this past month with bargain shopping!  You know that rule that anytime you go shopping with money and a list, you find nothing, and every time you go with an empty wallet or looking for gifts for someone else, you hit the jackpot?  Totally true for me once again!

We ran to Marshalls this past weekend to find my husband some new clothes.  He left with an athletic tee. I ended up trying on 10 items, lovingly carrying around multiple pillows, and exclaiming every few minutes “OMG, I need this” and holding up another aqua colored home accessory.

I scored an amazing pair of booties for $20.  Regularly $60.  I’m planning to wear them with my new $10 black jeggings I scored!

Seriously, the most amazing pants I have ever purchased, hands down!  They feel like wearing maternity pants!  Stretchy waistband, snug fit, and so comfy, but they look like nice black jeans.  I might never take them off. $10!!

I am currently obsessing over these cowboy boots and debating if I need to order them for my upcoming Nashville trip!  This site has the cutest clothes and shoes and all the shoes are 50% off with coupon code “SHOE50”.

I also had some great luck at Rue 21 of all places!  I know their reputation is kind of cheap and for young girls, but for trendy items, I love shopping there and getting something I might only wear for 1 season.

I scored this cold shoulder, ruffled blouse for $19 and got soo many compliments on it!  They also have it in red, which I think would be perfect for a Valentines date night.

I also got this sweater that I originally saw on Red Dress Boutique for around $40 for $20.

That sums up my best budget finds for January.  Share with me some of the deals you scored this month and some of your favorite places to look for steals!  Also, do my bank account a favor and convince me I don’t need to buy those $29.99 boots! 



Potty Training Party!

Starting this blog, I thought it would give me an outlet to post all my responses I wanted to post on Facebook to political and philosophical debates.  What I didn’t think about is I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings in any way!  So for now, I will stick to a breezy topic and just write.  Hopefully in the future, I can put my thoughts about all the political debates into words that hopefully won’t hurt anyone I consider a friend.

When I was pregnant, I jokingly (half jokingly) told everyone that I wished I could give birth to a potty trained 2 year old.  I knew I wasn’t a baby person and I knew I would hate potty training.

I was right about one of those things.

I ended up loving having the newborn stage – I still wish I had taken more advantage of those few short months where you can take your baby basically anywhere and they just sleep for hours in their car seat.  Plus the feeling of looking into your newborn baby’s eyes simply can’t be explained.  It’s intoxicating.

Potty training is crap.  My personality is just not good at sticking to things I have to do daily and routines like that.  We stayed home all day Sunday and Monday to do the potty training and I was going crazy with cabin fever.   Easton did really well though, and I was excited he seemed to be catching on fast and thought maybe it wouldn’t be as horrible as I expected.

This morning we got up and started the back to school/work routine.  While I was blow drying my hair, he went downstairs to get his Mr. Potato Head.  He was really quiet for about 5 minutes, which anyone who has ever been around a 2 year old knows is really scary.  I went down to check on him and was hit with the smell.  He decided instead of using his awesome little potty he would like to take care of his business on the wall/carpet.  I have a weak stomach and seriously gagged my way through the rest of the morning.

So potty training is everything I imagined.  I wish I could pay someone to just come do this part for me!

I am trying to keep in mind, this, like all things, will pass.  One day soon I am sure I will look back and barely remember what a crappy (pun intended) experience this was.